What Does It All Mean?

Mistaken Identity

On the Way Home

The party, minus a still sobbing Magnolia, followed the werewolf silhouette into the forest.  In an attempt to navigate the darkened woods, Thalia used her driftglobe to light the way only to draw attention to themselves.  Gart is grabbed from behind by a werewolf and brought closer to two other werewolves and a man.  The man, revealed that the one he was talking to was Ludevic and that he was the one who turned the handyman.  He was trying to get Ludevic to turn on his people and destroy Marten, but he refused and a fight broke out.  As the leader and another werewolf lie dead on the ground, the third turned tail and ran away.  Gart, trying to think of some way to leave a calling card of his own after seeing Bing leave his coppers, decided to try to draw an image of dickbutt on the leader but soon relapsed and was inconsolable.  Ludevic, carrying the bodies of the other two werewolves, now human, and Gart lead the party back into town.  Reaching the edge of town, they began to hear the loud murmurings of a crowd.  As the approached the town square, a large crowd seemed to be gathered around something.  That something was a small boy, mangled and dead on the ground.  As she try to run up and help, Thalia was stabbed through the stomach and fell unconscious.  Bing cast suggestion at Ludevic and told him to run.  The werewolf dropped Gart, who snapped out of his trance, and ran off into the woods and was followed by a small group.  All the while, a weirdly elated Odric was dancing around telling everyone, "I told ya so."  Oskar told the group what he had seen.  Normally the werewolf who is seen around town, is gentle and children get near without fear.  This child, Alek, had done what any other kid would have and was cut down the the werewolf.  Others raised their hands claiming to see the same thing.  Gart was soon tackled by a large group of people and Bing, in attempting to flee was grabbed by someone on the rooftop.  


Staub Staub

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