What Does It All Mean?

Werewolf of Marten

On the Way Home

After knocking out Prince Nibner, yet again, the party continues to make their way back to Oaken Hollow and the Dragon's Knuckle.  Aarya starts to explain her situation and in doing so, Rin projects himself in front of the group and begins to scold her for giving him away.  The group comes across an old man, Odric, as they walk down the path who asks for their assistance in dealing with a werewolf terrorizing the town of Marten.  He claims that the werewolf appears once a week instead of every full moon.  As they reach the small farming town, they see that no one seems as scared or paranoid as they should be.  Kids playing in the street, people walking about.  The only thing that seems off is that there are really no adult men in town.  Upon talking to one fixing a wagon, the group learns that there have been werewolf sightings in this town, usually coming from the woods.  Thalia, further inspecting Odric, discovers the old man to be senile as he stares at a wall kind of mumbling to himself.  They follow the man, Ludevic until they reach the center of town and begin to snoop around themselves.  They find the Horse & Plow tavern and go inside.  The bartender, Oskar, is immediately stricken with Aarya, who at the time was being illusioned to look human.  After some time the illusion is dropped but he doesn't seem to mind.  The group, because they're with her are given free lodging and food.  Oskar tells them more about the werewolf saying that it brings in hard to get game from the forest and drops it at the butcher's and has even been seen around kids with no problems.  More shenanigans occur when both Thalia and Bing use Disguise Self to look like Aarya, knocking out the bartender, and Magnolia gets bitten by a spider when she wakes up from her trance.  As night rolls around, the group, minus Aarya and Magnolia make their way to Odric's shack, being led by Ludevic.  As he turns to leave, Bing notices that his voice got deeper, almost to a growl.  They are pulled into the old man's shack where they are informed a little more about the werewolf.  At the same time, Aarya gets bored of the Bar and decides to go find the rest of the party by shifting into a dire wolf in the middle of the bar and running out into the night.  Picking up on the scent of the group rather easily, she finds the shack and breaks down the door.  Odric, shocked to see a wolf break down his door, reaches for an ax on the wall and starts to swing it at her before Thalia yells at him that she's with them.  Odric, satiated with this answer puts the ax back on the wall and continues talking before looking over, seeing Aarya again, and repeating the cycle.  This time, Gart held onto the ax and the old man seemingly forgot that he was swinging it and went to sit back down.  The party left to begin their search, when Bing saw a humanoid silhouette in the distance, with an elongated snout, pointed ears, and a tail. 


Staub Staub

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