What Does It All Mean?

We DID Start the Fire

The Cult of Cornix

After waking from a poke to the head, Gart learns from Cecil of the location of his companions as well as the cult, in return for another favor down the line.  Gart finds the ruins and is ambushed by a lone guard who taunts him.  Gart returns the favor including a swift kick to the groin.  The guard, who becomes to scared to fight back, shows Gart how to get down below.  He makes his trek downwards into the darkness and sees the group of cultists.  Magnolia, disguised as them notices Gart and reveals herself to him.  As the cultists open the secret door moving forward, Gart attempts to follow only to fall in a heap on the floor, alerting everyone and the battle begins.  Thalia is suddenly hit with a surge of wild magic and the area everyone is in is covered in grease.  The fight turns ridiculous as everyone just begins to slip and slide all over the room.  Gart even throws Bing at those who have fallen and begins to knock them around on the floor.  Thalia attempts to take out one with a fire bolt but misses and sets the room ablaze.  Suddenly everything is on fire.  The other cultists are slain and Magnolia has a wash of relief as she knows that Eldath is still watching over her.  The group reopens the door and moves forward, disguising themselves as cultists with robes and masks found in a nearby room.  They discover another room filled with crows and see a hole leading up toward the surface and figure out they are pretty deep underground.  Moving onward, they find they bathroom and a door to another room.  In normal Bing/Gart fashion, Bing is thrown at the door to open it up.  He lands in the middle of the room and hears a small click as the floor begins to open up underneath him.


Staub Staub

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