What Does It All Mean?

Revenge for Mom

Cult of Cornix

Leaving the Doom Croaker's lab, the group travels down stairs and finds a ruined chapel with a single person praying at the altar.  The group confronts the man there who is revealed to be Corvo, the leader of the cult.  From out of nowhere, their god, Cornix appears and explains how he never ascended Corvo due to an issue several years ago when he thought he was following his god but it happened to be an imposter of some sort.  So while it was Corvo who killed her, it wasn't Cornix who told him to.  The god leaves a parting gift by ascending his follower creating a bird monster they had never seen.  The group beings to attack but soon realizes their attacks have little effect, until Aarya tears off one of it's wings.  The fight goes on until, Gart knocks it aside and stabs it in the throat.  Waking from his unconsciousness, Bing rejoices in the death of his mom's killer by creating a smaller set of wings from the creatures own.  The group finds what seems to be Corvo's room, and find a Raven Statue before all falling into a well deserved sleep


Staub Staub

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