What Does It All Mean?

Party Time

Cult of Cornix

The party resurfaces after refreshing themselves in Corvo's bed and make their way back into Gaiete where the festivities are beginning to die down.  Voicing some concern that Gart owes Cecil, the jester a favor, thinking that he's one of the cult, he appears and explains himself.  Bing challenges the gnome to another lute-off and while the two don't play great, Cecil plays a little bit better.  The group spends the next 3 days traveling back to Oaken Haven to celebrate their victory.  Aarya, not really wanting to get involved transforms into a mouse.  The group enters the Dragon's Knuckle and tells Forba of their victories and he buys the first drink.  Surprisingly only two later everyone is off their feet.  Bing and Magnolia begin to drunkenly start singing, catching everyone in the bar's attention and getting some dirty looks from Ricki and the new girl, Calie.  Thalia begins to float into the ceiling and Gart watches this all unfold.  A small man in a robe approaches him and offers Gart a single small mushroom which Gart skeptically takes after Forba tells him it should be fine.  Gart begins to have visions of a small creature known only as Dickbutt which start out fine but soon turns bad.  He ends up putting a hole in the wall and Forba puts him in a cage, where he stays the rest of the night, occasionally screaming.  Forba forcibly sobers up Bing to tell him his friend may have some more problems down the line because of what he took.  Loud singing comes from this end of the room but catches the audience in a good mood this time.  Calie shoots Bing another dirty look and Bing promptly apologizes and she noticably blushes.  She soon comes over to apologize, and Bing asks Ricki if her and him are a thing to which Ricki says not anymore because Calie's a bit of a control freak.  Bing tries to sneak away only to dive out the window, attracting more attention to himself.  Forba not too happy with this, throws Bing back inside through another window.  He tries again to sneak away from Calie, but to no avail and eventually tells her he's not really interested.  She walks back to the stage defeated.  Most of this time, Magnolia is sitting underneath the bar, crying.  Everyone goes to bed despite only drinking for about 2 hours and Thalia almost catches the place on fire.  In the morning everyone wakes up and makes their way downstairs where Gart is throwing up on the floor.  Forba tells them of a job they may be interested in, and the group decides to take it easy for a little before going to check up on it.


Staub Staub

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