What Does It All Mean?

Out of the Woods

Just a Stroll Through the Woods

Quickly defeating the not so dead Shia Lebeouf, the party continues to another clearing, surprisingly empty but the path split in two.  They group followed the left path and found themselves in yet another clearing.  Magnolia noticed a glint of something coming from the grass and found a ring, which would provide better protection according to the elvish writ ting on it.  The party move to the next clearing where Gart notices up in the sky are giant inflated versions of all of their heads.  Bing takes a shot at his and promptly deflates it as he feels pain in his own cheek where he had shot the head.  The heads now notice the prescence of the party down below and begin to float down towards them.  They notice hanging off the neck of the head seems to be a rope with a noose on the end.  Thalia quickly dodges out of the way while Gart gets caught in the noose and his head begins to fly away.  Thalia and Gart are soon brought back to reality but Bing had not been.  Gart throws him into a tree and succeeds in snapping him out of it.  The party  moves forward through the woods into another clearing.  Thalia notices an arm growing out of Bing's back.  In turn, Bing notices Thalia start to turn into a dragon.  Gart sees his hands and other extremities disappear.  After not too long they three are brought back to reality.  Magnolia turns to notice a patch of flowers behind her and they seem to be the ones they were looking for.  The party each grab a few and discover another path.  Walking down it they find themselves where they went into the forest and it seems only about an hour passed from when they left the house.  The party go inside to tell Mama Yagi and she welcomes them inside.  Gart notices that things seems different.  The room is bathed in a green glow, the knick knacks on the shelves have been replaced with jars and bottles filled with mysterious contents and Mama Yagi no longer looks like a kind old woman but instead like a hag.  She begins to cook a meal as she asks for Bing's help in cleaning the oven.  Gart tries to tell the rest of the party but comes off as rude and is bound, silenced and put in the corner by Mama Yagi.  The oven door quickly shuts on Bing and Thalia goes to help him out.  She manages to yank the door open and throw Bing out who is caught by Mama Yagi who reveals her true form and the fighting commences.  Bing drinks his potion of fire giant's strength and throws a now unbound Gart at Mama Yagi.  Outnumbered and out matched, Mama Yagi is quickly defeated by Bing who throws her in the oven and locks her inside.  Thalia's wild magic kicks in as she casts fly on Gart who takes advantage of it and begins to fly around.  Magnolia and Bing find a large shelf of potions and clean it off.  Magnolia then goes on a ride with Gart who soon loses his power of flight and falls to the ground.  The fall is broken by Bing who notices the potion has begun to wear off.  The group decide to head back to Oaken Hollow, job done.  After the first night on the road, everyone wakes to find Magnolia smells of rotten fruit, spoiled milk and other sour smells.  She tries to wash off in the nearby river but to no avail.  She soon realizes that the ring she picked up is somehow the cause of the smell and throws it into the river.  However she still smelled.  The group go to sleep that night and miraculously she no longer smells.  Traveling through a small patch of woods, they encounter Prince Namfoodle Nibner, who tried to get with Magnolia at one point under the guise of brokering peace.  After learning this, Gart gives him a swift kick to the groin sending him skyward.  He soon lands and begins Gart strips him of his outfit.  After noticing that he was waking up, Gart takes off with Magnolia on his back.  Namfoodle wakes to see the two running away and takes off after.  The rest of the party follows closely behind.


Staub Staub

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