What Does It All Mean?

Getting A-head

Cult of Cornix

Bing sneaks his way into the torture room and manages to kill one of the hooded men through laughter and acid…mostly acid.  Gart however takes the more subtle approach, kicking in the door and slamming down his owlbear head onto the head of the other hooded man.  Magnolia follows up with a mace to the groin, dropping the other man.  This leaves the ravenfolk with the spear who begins to fight the group.  After things seem like they'd taken a turn for the worse, he runs into the other room and brings back with him the doom croaker who right off the bat, drops Thalia with necrotic energy.  Gart manages to dismember the warrior and kill him while Aarya transforms into a wolf and starts tearing at the croaker's neck.  Gart takes this opportunity to tear the his head off and throw it to Bing.  He and Thalia play with the head like a ball for a bit before she kicks the head onto a statue that she had accidentally taken the head off of.  The group moves into the next room and discovers the doom croaker's workshop.  In a nearby chest they find tons of papers with mysterious symbols on them but no one knows what they are.  Aarya pockets them and Thalia takes the papers in another unknown language that were on the desk.  


Staub Staub

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