What Does It All Mean?

Clownin' Around

The Cult of Cornix

After some failed attempts at stealing an owlbear, the party makes their way to Gaiete in hopes of finding the group who killed Bing's mom, Prisca.  Upon arriving, the Fool's Carnival is in full swing.  Once they enter the gates, a small jester, Cecil appears, insults each of them and beats Bing in a lute-off before Bing insults him enough to get him to leave.  Walking through the city, they buy food, and each member, save Bing, thinks they see someone very familiar only to be mistaken.  The group splits up.  Magnolia plays games in hopes of winning a large stuffed lamb and after several attempts, and terrifying the vender, she succeedes. Bing manages to sneak his way into a group of clowns in hope of finding either the man with the crow tattoo or find out where tattoos are done in the city.  In these attempts, he winds up on stage and wows the crowd with his mopping skills.  Soon after, he manages to impress everyone, even the actual circus people with his acrobatics and tightrope walking, flipping circles all around them.  Through a clown named Mark, he learns of Cas, an old gnome who's be in town for a good long while and might know what he's looking for.  The group find the gnome drinking at the Bronze Cat Tavern and learns about the Anders Company, a circus group that, after some unexplained incident was shoved into the back of the city during the Carnival.  Cas refers to them as a creepy cult and they go to find it.  The group arrives at a large black and blue tent and peaks inside, seeing a group dressed as crows listening to another one standing on a platform.  Bing, Magnolia, and Thalia, lie and deceive their way into the circle and learn about the cult, their god, Cornix, their leader, Corvo and the opposing goddess, Qara.  After a wild magic mishap, Thalia notices that Cecil was sitting in the far back of the tent in the stands.  The group of cultists leave along with the three and walk to some ruins where a large crow-man statue sits.  The statue moves revealing stairs as the cult members walk downwards.  


Staub Staub

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