What Does It All Mean?

Actual Cannibal Shia Lebeouf

Just a Stroll Through the Woods

The group, recovering from their hangovers from the previous night, decide to restock on some supplies and go shopping.  The manage to get some new weapons, armor and steal a potion from a woman who seems to have had some sort of interaction with Bing's father at some point in time.  Thalia also learns of a secluded city of Dragonborn who live to the south of the mountains where she may be able to get some answers concerning that pendent.  Gart tries his luck at playing a large lute that Ricki has but ends up breaking the strings.  The party leaves well into the night to investigate tales of a forest seemingly appearing out of nowhere to the south of Gaiete.  After a few days travel, they come across the woods as well as a small, cozy looking cottage.  Inside, they meet Mama Yagi, a very sweet old woman who informs them that these woods have been around for as long as she's been there.  The group questions about several things they have and Bing learns he has a potion of fire giant's strength.  Mama Yagi asks the party if they could help her find a final ingredient she needs for a potion of flight, a blue flower with red thorns.  Apparently it grows in the woods in the center of a clearing in the middle of the forest.  Some of the party seems skeptical of this woman and her intentions but are overcome with feelings of home and love.  After spending the night there, the group sets out in the morning into the woods.  Upon reaching a clearing in the woods, the party finds nothing but Gart, Thalia and Bing notice that everyone in the group keeps growing and shrinking.  After noticing that it stopped, they discover that the way they came in is no longer there and that they might as well press on.  They come across another clearing which again appears empty.  The same three begin to hear strange chanting coming from all around them as well as seeing hooded figures with glowing red eyes.  Aarya and Magnolia look at the rest of the party confusingly as the chanting gets louder, the eyes get brighter and eventually stops.  The group the moves into another empty clearing.  Bing climbs a tree to get a better look and discovers what appears to be a sea of treetops with no end in sight.  As he climbs back down he narrowly misses getting caught in a bear trap.  Out of the corner of his eye, Gart spots a figure swinging an axe at him.  The man, Shia Lebeouf begins to fight the group.  Gart takes off his arm and beats him to near death with it.  Arrya, who is a giant crab at this point, finishes the fight by removing his leg from his body as he seems to bleed out.  With one last attempt to seem if he's dead, she stabs a claw right through his chest.  The group moves forward, hearing a a strange noise behind them as Shia Lebeouf, who isn't dead comes lunging at Magnolia, jaws open wide about to take a bite.   


Staub Staub

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